Extend your customer reachand boost the ROI of your e-mail marketing

Today, despite the rise of new digital communication channels, an email address is still the backbone of people's business and personal lives. As a marketeer, you need therefore this information for a successful digital marketing strategy.

E-mail appending is an innovative technique that helps you to better know your customer by matching current and valid email addresses to your existing customer databases.

It's simple, permission-based
and insanely efficient.

Sounds great. But what are the concrete benefits for my company?

Increase your sales

Email appending is the best way to ensure your database is complete with email addresses for every contact you own. A better database generates more conversions and more revenues with your e-mail marketing. Same communication channel, more results. What else?

Stay more connected with the customers

Happiness is the key to retention and email appending is a fantastic opportunity for a more relevant and effective communication with your customers. The more you know them, the more you're able to evaluate their satisfaction with your products and services.

Reduce maintenance costs

Databases change rapidly. Consumers move around, change addresses or opt for other suppliers and operators. Personal information can quickly become outdated, even when the owner is happy to share it. Consequently, the value of your electronic records erodes over time. Email appending is the solution to this programmed obsolescence.

How does it work if I want to start today?

Appending valid emails to your customer file is easy

We leverage our proprietary technologies to match your own electronic records with our in-house master databases. Once a match is found, the missing email addresses are appended to the contacts. Our platform guarantees you the highest and most accurate match rates possible.

A last question: is it legal?


Belgian opt-in legislation permits the use of email appending in order to improve communication with your clients.

Naturally, the databases we use to enhance your contact list have been obtained with the consumers' full consent.

Let the Magic Happen!

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